Rainbow Care’s platform aids your organization in delivering seamless home-based care. Whether your organization is offering on-demand, virtual, or in-person care, we have the tools to serve your needs. We combine the best of tech-enabled features and support your organization with clinical staff, ancillary services coordination, and exceptional vendor partners.

Rainbow Care is designed to alleviate your organization's burdens allowing you to focus on the heart of your organization - the patients.

The care and dignity of the patients you serve are at the forefront of our minds every day. Rainbow Care’s team understands the challenges your organization is facing and is there to support the end-to-end in-home services. We have carefully curated a platform that will ease the frustrations you, your employees, or providers, and other stakeholders face in a patient’s care journey.


Take a Look at What Makes Us Different

  • Simplifying Workflows via integrated platform

    Our simple and comprehensive platform eliminates the challenges and complexity from healthcare at home.

    Personalized and tailored approaches to support patients with modern technology can all be encompassed via Rainbow Care.

  • Network of Clinical and Non-Clinical Vendors Partners

    Rainbow Health can assist providers in meeting the needs of their patients with an extended clinical team. Reducing discharge delays and hospital readmissions by keeping patients healthy at home.

    We offer full access to our extensive ecosystem of Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners, Phlebotomists, DME, and other ancillary service partners with easy visibility into order status and delivery ETAs for all patients.

  • Costs Savings and Improved Health Outcomes

    Avoid unnecessary ER visits and reduce avoidable readmissions by keeping patients safe at home. We help your organization meet operational efficiency without compromising the patient experience. All while dramatically reducing costs to you and your patients.


We carefully watch the continuing changes to healthcare laws to keep our technology up to and beyond the industry standard. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive technology to give you a competitive edge, reduce costs, and remove day-to-day challenges because we know what truly matters at the end of the day – the lives of those you care for.