The digital shift to in-home healthcare immensely evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare organizations focused on delivering value-based outcomes need innovative digital solutions to shift focus on integrated care coordination and care management for their patient population.

Unifying the two-fold approach using technology that addresses all factors within both the clinical and social health sphere can help to reduce readmissions, ED visits and bring meaningful member outcomes. RainbowCare is there for you to deliver just that till the last mile!

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Rainbow Health Launches a New Housecall Dispatch Solution to Streamline At-Home Care

Make Care Management and Coordination Effective and Efficient For The Senior Population!

Foster integrated care delivery via an all-in-one platform for providers, patients, their families, and community partners. Rainbow Health can become your complete digital healthcare and technology partner.

  • Care Management and Care Coordination
  • House Calls Dispatch
  • Supplemental Benefits and Community resources

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About Rainbow Health

Rainbow Health’s innovative healthcare solutions have been used across 20+ states in the US for delivering value-driven home healthcare to seniors. Plug and play modules with easy and secure configuration to health solutions to be implemented in home-based care delivery model for value-based approach. Rainbow Health’s team portrays a deep understanding of custom building healthcare solutions for existing healthcare organizations.

We focus on digital health technologies to provide effective and efficient care coordination, improve data analytics, and enhance the patient journey across the continuum of care.

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