Unified Care Management and Coordination facilitated across your community


Virtual Specialist Care Consultation takes medication management and behavioral health services to the patient, wherever they are


Comprehensive KPI Tracking and Reporting of cost and quality metrics across your program(s)

When that 9-1-1 call comes in you know that it takes more than a single EMS professional to help the person in need. It takes a coordinated team of EMS, medical, mental health, and social services professionals. It takes access to healthcare services both immediately and throughout follow-up care. And it takes a unified platform that makes it easy for everyone on your team to work together in the field and in real-time and keep track of the results.

Rainbow Health delivers these capabilities to you through its healthcare delivery communications and coordination platform and support services.

Support the Specialized Care Each Patient Needs

Some patient needs can be addressed in a single visit. But for many more, ongoing care is needed. Both episodic and longitudinal care can be delivered and effectively administered in a single platform that the whole care team can access.

Reviewing medications can have a dramatically positive effect on the patient. It can uncover whether the patient is taking their prescribed dose, or point to the need for changes or additional patient education. Clinical pharmacists are available virtually to conduct these reviews and forward suggestions to the patient’s doctor keeping these kinds of care details from falling through the cracks.

Patients needing behavioral health services require specialized care and attention. Unresolved episodes lead to costly repeat 9-1-1 calls. At their worst, spiraling mental health crises can result in life-threatening situations. Behavioral health professionals and services are ready to deliver the level of stabilizing care the patient needs.


Bring Quality Episodic and Longitudinal Healthcare to the Patient

Treating the patient in place is often the best option. It’s less disruptive and less costly. But it can only happen when the medical expertise and services they need can come to them — whether physically or virtually.

Seamless care coordination among service providers makes the best use of available resources. The option to communicate via voice, video, or text brings together all the medical professionals and services the patient needs — across service providers and miles.

Track and Report Your Results

Rainbow Health’s platform delivers a configurable KPI dashboard that reports both the quantitative and qualitative data needed to satisfy organizational, regulatory, and funder reporting requirements.


Utilize Custom Integration of Healthcare Delivery Platforms

As for your current health record platform, Rainbow Health will work with you to integrate your current electronic patient care reporting (e-PCR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems with our platform. Our team can advise you on how we can create a single, seamless healthcare delivery communications and coordination platform.

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