A Housecall Dispatch Solution

Our unique dispatch solution allows you to manage different types of care including urgent care, chronic condition management, transitional care, readmission prevention, palliative care, and even COVID-19 vaccinations.

We provide exceptional care via telemedicine or at-home care under a hybrid model.


Dispatch solution for coordinating clinical logistics

Rainbow Health enables providers to deliver quality clinical care and address the non-clinical needs of patients. Providers can have a “hands-on” approach when it comes to home healthcare driving positive incremental outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs.


House Calls

When it comes to at-home care, providers can address patient’s needs during home visits. Our solution also helps uncover any potential risks that can lead to adverse healthcare outcomes and develop the care plan promptly.


Virtual Visits

Whether it’s evaluating and treating patients' independently via audio/video or overseeing virtually medical teams on-field during their home visits to patients. Our unified platform enriches the virtual teleconsultation capabilities.



Deliver care to patients regardless of the facility in which you serve care. Our platform supports managing patients’ appointments whether it’s a clinic, ED, or a Hospital setting.


Offer convenient and safe care for patients at home avoiding unnecessary ED visits, hospital readmissions, or visits to a skilled nursing facility (SNF).



Allow patients to get care when and where they need it in their preferred setting. Video, chat, or at-home.

remote provider

Remote Provider

Connect with patients and advanced practitioners virtually.

house call provider

House Call Providers

Provide in-person care to patients via house call visits.

admin and staff


Administer appointments, view, and track providers in real-time.


Schedule providers and interdisciplinary team for home visits

Dispatch providers on-demand nearest to the patients’ location

Map view for real-time provider tracking

Receive clinical guidance and capture important notes

Patient readiness indicator including consent forms

Appointment reminders and text/push notifications

Reporting and Analytics including session lengths

Seamless EHR Integration and real-time access for provider documentation


Payers, providers, and patients can all be in a win-win situation by utilizing our web and mobile app platform by optimizing the mobility of providers for house calls. It helps in removing barriers to receiving care for patients with chronic conditions, functional or cognitive immobility.

what we offer


Payers need to shoulder the responsibility to reduce the gaps in care and build a bridge where providers can meet patients for their at-home care. Our dispatch solutions give your providers, caregivers, and their family a sigh of relief when it comes to delivering patients’ care at home. Our dispatch solution can further extend based on your plans to offer care coordination services that help you in not only providing a better member experience but also in improving CAHPS scores, Star ratings, and reducing costs.



Our all-in-one platform helps provider groups and health plans to offer clinical and non-clinical services to homebound patients that help them to uncover valuable insights and associated health problems by looking at their home surroundings. The collected clinical data and observations can help providers to make informed decisions and close gaps in care by offering appropriate ancillary and community-based resources.


Hospitals and Health Systems

We assist hospitals and health systems to increase acute care bed capacity during COVID-19 and help patients receive continuous care under Hospital-at-Home and other programs. House calls dispatch solutions can help to make inpatient-level care at-home, safe, convenient, and affordable, enabling providers to evaluate hospital-at-home patients either in-person or virtually via telemedicine.

hospitals and health system


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