Addressing Patient Needs with Enhanced Care Provider Satisfaction

Healthcare organizations seeking to adopt innovative care models often need to establish new processes, systems, and roles, while dealing with and overcoming resistance to change. Successful implementation of Hospital-at-Home requires you to ensure that the conditions and criteria are met and that you have the needed tools and resources available at your disposal when extending care at home to patients.

Rainbow Health assists hospitals and health systems with a digital solution that can seamlessly support its hospital-at-home program participation. We help in facilitating acute care and post-acute care coordination for patients till complete recovery by simplifying the clinical and non-clinical home health services for improved health outcomes.

  • Patient admitted to hospital

  • Hospital-at-Home enrollment

  • Consent form/paperwork

  • Care team visits patients

  • Monitoring & support provided

  • Home Healthcare Agency

Streamlining Workflow for Care Teams with Hospital-at-Home Program Solution

Operationalize Your Hospital-at-Home Program

Rainbow Health addresses the needs and requirements of both patients and providers with assistance from a clinical and social model. With our social determinants of health, we help in gearing up and evolving to suit the needs of health and hospital systems. Our solution assists in physician treatment follow-ups, care coordination with locally available care teams, and addressing educational needs required for patients about their conditions.

Institutionalize Your Hospital-At-Home Program with Our Solution

The successful implementation of Hospital-at-Home care programs can only be ensured once organizations and institutions are ready to incorporate innovative care models into their existing healthcare systems. With RainbowCare’s prompt Hospital-at-Home program resources can be easily acquired including:

  • Establishing care delivery capabilities with the Hospital-at-Home program for your health system
  • Enabling health and systems to offer home-based patient care with providers and physicians
  • Offers better access for COPD, acquired pneumonia, heart failure, and other related ailments to Medicare and non-Medicare beneficiaries
  • Enables ambulatory services for patients requiring admission/readmissions
  • Enhances nursing care via at-home care services through daily visits as per requirements
  • Offers 24/7 availability of nurses for urgent care services
  • Establishes care pathways for clinicians for patient evaluation and discharge
  • Boosts skilled nursing and diagnostic services including oxygen therapy, x-rays, intravenous fluid or antibiotics, cardiograms, pharmacy services, etc.

Our Offerings

Transitioning to Hospital-at-Home Care through Seamless Integration with Rainbow Health

Rainbow Health assists providers, payors, and patients in building a safe and secure space for proper acute management, post-acute care management, and transitioning to home health care services. With the hospital-at-home care program, we offer:

Guiding patients in the post-discharge decision-making process

Management and tracking of patients across the care coordination continuum

Reducing the cost of readmission and care expenses

Assessing real-time, automated reporting requirements

Coordinate all referral activities of patients under one single care coordination platform

Management and implementation of all post-acute care requirements into your EHR

With streamlined care management workflow incorporating care transitions via post-acute care management framework

Valued Outcomes

Enhance Your ROI by Using a Robust Transition-to-Home Solution

RainbowCare’s Hospital-at-Home solution unifies the care coordination experience for interdisciplinary care teams so that they can focus on providing high-quality hospital-level care to acutely ill older adults in their homes rather than admitting them to the hospital. Adoption of the right technology platform can assist hospital-at-home programs in a successful transition to home for patients and reducing readmissions possibilities while driving higher revenue.

Reduced Length of Stays

Lower Cost of Care

Reduced Lab & Diagnostics Tests

Greater Patient & Family Satisfaction

Lower mortality rates

Reduced Caregiver Stress


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