Beyond virtual and in-person home visits, Rainbow Health's curated platform for hospital-at-home programs takes a holistic view to support care coordination services.

Rainbow Health Launches a New Housecall Dispatch Solution to Streamline At-Home Care

HOUSTON, (December 15, 2021) - Rainbow Health today announced an extension of its platform Rainbow Care to encompass increased features for providers and health systems that offer hospital-at-home programs. The extended services will offer superior care coordination via Rainbow Health's platform and have been designed to address the logistical challenges that hospital-at-home programs are facing while keeping an overall goal of supporting the operationalization and scalability of the programs.

Hospital-at-home programs are experiencing tremendous growth. In April 2021, there were around 56 Health Systems operational at 127 Hospitals across 29 States; in September 2021, there were around 71 Health Systems operational at 163 Hospitals across 33 states. Rainbow Care's platform manages patient eligibility, dispatch visit scheduling, telemedicine, and monitoring vital signs through RPM devices. In addition, the solution provides extended integration of ancillary services for both virtual and in-home to support new care pathways. Rainbow Health's platform has helped coordinate care in over 1400+ at-home visits in the last few months, covering over 1200+ homebound patients. Rainbow Care is continuing to grow across several markets nationwide.

"Home is the heart of each patient's life, where they are the most comfortable and feel the safest. Patients should be the heart of healthcare delivery programs," says Shailendra Sinhasane, CEO of Rainbow Health. "Innovative programs introduced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, such as the Acute Hospital Care at Home program, have led many health systems and hospitals to implement hospital-at-home programs and bring care into patients' homes."

Sinhasane added: "What sets Rainbow Health apart from other solutions in the market is our unified care coordination and unparalleled logistics services."

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Dispatching nurses, paramedics, and other clinical disciplines for at-home visits: The Rainbow Care platform helps organizations in dispatching care team members for at-home visits. The bird's eye map view allows them to see real time-visibility and track the status of care teams members.
  • The RPM feature allows any RPM vendor to connect: Rainbow Care has removed all limitations previously experienced by those looking to connect RPM vendors of their choice. Organizations can choose their own RPM vendor or from Rainbow Care's network.
  • Durable medical equipment (DME), lab, and diagnostic orders: Rainbow Care can facilitate at-home DME, lab testing, and diagnostic orders. The platform's marketplace allows users to choose vendor partners based on the fastest ETA and/ or cost efficiency to meet each patient's needs. The results of any lab tests will be sent directly to the patient's doctors, who will continue the care plan as normal by directly conveying the results to the patient.

The platform also efficiently improves collaboration in real-time by reducing communication gaps that can occur when multiple care teams are involved in hospital-at-home operations. It includes at-home assessments that analyze social determinants data and suggest evidence-based interventions to caregivers and home care services partners.

"Rainbow Care looks forward to continuing innovating and bringing expanded capabilities to the market for home-based care delivery," Sinhasane says. "As CMS and related healthcare regulations are updated, we will continue to expand to meet the growing needs of hospital-at-home programs."

The Rainbow Care platform is currently available to be deployed across all states and territories. For more information on Rainbow Health's Platform or to get listed as a vendor in the marketplace, visit Rainbow Health today.

About Rainbow Health

Rainbow Health is a Houston-based healthcare technology company offering a suite of high-tech value-based care digital solutions that are configurable and scalable to meet the needs of hospitals and health systems, health plans, provider groups, home health agencies, and other risk-based organizations. Rainbow Health has extended its care coordination logistics platform to address patients' clinical and non-clinical needs such as prescription and meal deliveries, DME, transportation, wellness checks, and preventive screenings and is continuing to grow its marketplace for supporting ancillary services nationwide. For more information, visit Rainbow Health.