Despite the realm for positive changes in the current regulatory environment, there are persistent challenges in widely adopting and transitioning more care delivery into home and community settings. The recent pandemic has accentuated the potential for an improved quality of care, exceptional patient experience, and enhanced clinical outcomes.

To best operationalize home-based care despite rapid technological innovation, organizations are required to overcome tremendous challenges such as ePHI interoperability/integration, streamlined communication among care teams, and simplified workflows, particularly for providers working to deliver a coordinated experience outside the clinical-wall setting.

From supporting remote visits, dispatching field providers and service vendors, facilitating remote patient monitoring to enhancing clinical team coordination and supply chain management, RainbowCare Platform offers a single platform unifying the care coordination for care-at-home delivery.

In this white paper, we explore the problems for home-based care delivery and how technology can address those challenges.

Topics Include:

  • The Rising Cost of Healthcare
  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Healthcare At-Home Care Models
  • Addressing Issues with Technology Solution